2017 Speaker Contributors:
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2017 Agenda

Skills and Employability Summit:

September 21, 2017
  • 08:00
    Registration and Networking Breakfast
  • 09:05
    Chair’s Opening Remarks
    Mark Dawe, Chief Executive, Association of Employment and Learning Providers (AELP) (Confirmed)
  • 09:10
    Opening Address: Reforming the Skills System for Long-Term Economic Benefit
    Mark Dawe, Chief Executive, Association of Employment and Learning Providers (AELP) (Confirmed)
    • Outlining key opportunities and challenges for the UK skills system
    • Exploring how would a successful skills system look like
    • Discussing apprenticeships, T-Levels and the wider skills system
  • 09:25
    The Potential Labour Market Impacts of Brexit
    Duncan Melville, Chief Economist, Learning and Work Institute (Confirmed)
    • Discussing the potential impact of Brexit on the UK economy and labour market
    • Exploring the consequences for EEA migrants in the UK labour market
    • Sharing some thoughts on addressing labour and skills shortages after Brexit
  • 09:40
    Enhancing Employability and Support for Disadvantaged People in the UK
    James Palmer, Mayor, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority (Confirmed)
    • Partnering with the government to tackle long-term barriers to work and in-work progression
    • Overcoming barriers to employment and boosting support for disadvantaged people in the UK
    • Creating the Health and Care Sector Progression Academy: upskilling local people whilst supporting the health and care industry
    • Assessing the benefits of the new pilot schemes providing specialist support to disadvantaged people
    • Training those outside the sector to gain employment in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough
  • 10:00
    Questions and Answers
  • 10:10
    Refreshments, Networking and Exhibition
  • 10:55
    Preparing Learners for Employment: Ensuring Inspections Take Greater Account of Schools’ Initiatives
    Paul Joyce HMI, Deputy Director for Further Education and Skills, Ofsted (Confirmed)
    • Ensuring learners from all backgrounds have access to facilities preparing them for the next stage of their lives: higher education, employment or entrepreneurship
    • Coordinating relationships between schools and businesses to enhance work-related learning
    • Promoting enterprise education to increase employment rates in school leavers
  • 11:10
    Quality Assurance in Vocational and Technical Qualifications
    Phil Beach CBE, Executive Director for Vocational and Technical Qualifications, Ofqual (Confirmed)
    • Unlocking the potential of technical qualifications to diversify and enrich future higher education options and delivering the objectives of the Post-16 Skills Plan
    • The importance of “external quality assurance” for learners and employers
    • Exploring the recent reforms and how these have been developed alongside over 5,000 employers and Higher Education institutions
    • Working with educational institutions and employers to guarantee high-quality and consistency of assessments
    • Our commitment and focus on vocational and technical qualifications
  • 11:25
    Building an Effective Careers Ecosystem
    Andy Pickles, CEO, U-Explore (Confirmed)
    • Building scale and starting early so that every young person can make better choices about their future study and work
    • Tackling the information overload and demystifying the labour market for young people, parents and teaching professionals
    • Personalising the journey by nudging and nurturing young people’s aspirations so that they are better aligned with labour market need and opportunity
    • Supporting the key enablers (schools and colleges) with a structure to support young people at key transition points on their journey from education to employment
    • Creating and using data to target support and measure impact
    • Putting technology at the heart of the solution to better connect young people with opportunity and help employers to address the talent challenge
  • 11:40
    How to Improve the Quality and Coverage of Careers Advice
    Tristram Hooley, Director of Research, Careers and Enterprise Company (Confirmed)
    • Safeguarding the quality and consistency of careers guidance, to better benefit the economy
    • Utilising £90 million government investment in careers, ensuring 25,000 young people receiving business mentoring by 2020
    • Launching Compass, the free online tool for evaluation of careers guidance in schools, to streamline careers education across the UK
    • Addressing the personal needs of each pupil, including those with special education needs or those from disadvantaged backgrounds
  • 11:55
    Questions and Answers
  • 12:05
    Addressing the UK’s Digital Skills Gap – Panel Discussion
    Apprentice Representation
    John Pritchard, Head of Apprenticeships, BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT (Confirmed)
    • Presenting BCS initiatives to address the UK’s digital skills gap, costing the economy £63 billion a year
    • Supporting ‘digital up-skilling’ by encouraging vocational training in the workplace for the 10 million adults in England lacking basic digital skills
    • Promoting the technology sector as a career choice for young people, particularly young girls, to increase focus on digital skills in schools
  • 12:25
    Seminar Session 1

    Suggested seminar titles:

    • Identifying strategies for upskilling in the workplace
    • Supporting SMEs through the digital apprenticeship journey
    • Using technology to engage students in career decisions
  • 13:25
    Lunch and Networking
  • 14:25
    Seminar Session 2

    Suggested seminar titles:

    • Increasing employability through increased digital efficiency
    • Collaborating successfully with academia and industry to plug local skills gaps
    • Personalising support and widening access for NEET individuals
  • 15:25
    Refreshments, Networking and Exhibition
  • 15:55
    Afternoon Dedicated Content Streams

    Delegates will choose from one of two dedicated content streams:

  • 17:00
    Close of Conference and Drinks Reception
September 21, 2017
  • 15:55
    Enhancing Lifelong Learning and Up-skilling in the Workplace
    Lizzie Crowley, Skills Advisor, Policy, PR and Public Affairs, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) (Confirmed)
    • Addressing the importance of Continued Professional Development for a motivated and productive workforce
    • Focussing on soft skills, to ensure adult learners are well-rounded and more employable throughout their careers
    • Supporting adults outside the labour market, including women returning to work, to improve their skills and re-enter the workplace with confidence
  • 16:15
    Panel Discussion: Embracing Social Enterprise to Increase Employability of Disadvantaged Individuals
    Sara McCraight, Head of Marketing, Street League (Confirmed)
    Mark Sillery, Director of Support & Mentoring, The Clink Charity (Confirmed)
    Paul Warner, Director of Research & Development , Association of Employment and Learning Providers (AELP) (Confirmed)
    • Increasing employability of vulnerable young people including youth offenders, teenage parents, young carers, those with mental health difficulties and individuals with special educational needs (SEN)
    • Leading initiatives to help those not in employment, education, or training (NEET) gain skills, experience and vocational qualifications needed to get back into work
    • Partnering third sector organisations to develop programmes creating well-rounded individuals ready for employment - plugging the UK skills gaps and reducing unemployment nationwide
    • Learn how your enterprise can effectively support trainees to grow their leadership qualities, teamwork skills and work experience
  • 16:25
    Questions and Answers
  • 17:00
    Close of Conference and Drinks Reception
September 21, 2017
  • 15:55
    Afternoon Keynote: Streamlining and Setting the Standards for UK Apprenticeships
    Richard Guy OBE, Deputy Director, Quality, Institute for Apprenticeships (Confirmed)
    • Delivering 3 million high-quality apprenticeships to young people with the Apprenticeship Levy, set to raise £2.8 billion in 2019/2020
    • Introducing the Institute for Apprenticeships to regulate and streamline the UK’s skills system
    • Conducting employer-led reforms, ensuring companies invest in apprenticeships and putting businesses in control of provision
    • Partnering assessment bodies to streamline quality of End Point Assessments (EPAs) across the country
    • Expanding the role of Ofsted in inspecting employers and training providers
    • Exploring the continued development of Higher and Degree Apprenticeships
  • 16:10
    Effectively Plugging Skills Gaps through Wider Collaboration between Education and Business
    Wendy Breakell, Business Partnerships, Westminster Kingsway College (Confirmed)
    • Enhancing local industry through increased employer engagement
    • Tailoring apprenticeships to ensure school leavers have skills needed to meet local industry demands
    • Strengthening the delivery of employability by enabling colleges and schools to engage with large and small scale employers more efficiently
    • Presenting case studies from Westminster Kingsway College
  • 16:25
    Spotlight on John Clarke – How You Can Enhance the Apprenticeship Experience
    John Clarke, Technical Manager and Former Apprentice, BT Global Services (Confirmed)
    Muhammad Khan, Customer Connections SIP Order Manager and Apprentice, BT Global Services (Confirmed)

    Hear from the 2016 National Apprenticeship Award winner John Clarke, who took home the Apprentice Champion Award for his commitment to apprenticeships at BT. Discover how you can:

    • Further engage apprentices and help them make the most of their programme
    • Provide enhanced support and guidance to apprentices after they’ve completed their training and are beginning full-time employment
    • Organise additional apprenticeship material, such as career seminars, to really inspire the next generation of industry leaders
  • 16:45
    Questions and Answers
  • 17:00
    Close of Conference and Drinks Reception

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