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The Skills & Employability Summit 2017 features a selected range of one-hour seminars that will allow delegates to explore key topics in more detail.

Seminars run in both the morning and afternoon and will encourage interactive discussion, giving you the chance to contribute and share solutions around a number of focused topics, hosted by leaders in the field.

If you believe that you have something to offer the day and want to find out more about sponsoring and delivering a session, call Ed Irving on 0161 211 3024 or email info@skillsemployabilitysummit.co.uk

Seminar Presented by Plymouth University

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Degree Apprenticeship with Plymouth University – Your success route to achieving professional competence and academic excellence in Digital Technology Solutions (DTS) and management (Chartered Manager)

This presentation provides the rationale for Plymouth University (PU) involvement with Degree Apprenticeships (DA), outlining the key benefits of our delivery model and the main features of our programme design.

Learning Points:

  1. Why is Plymouth University (PU) getting involved in DAs? – The triple helix model (University, government, industry) for training a workforce suitable for the knowledge economy.
  1. What is our capability and track record to support this? Exploring PU’s vocational learning experience, looking at the already accredited digital industry and Management Practice BSc Hons degrees, as well as practice-based tutors, academics and pastoral support.
  1. Outline of DAs PU is currently delivering, including the design and delivery models, and also areas in development.
  1. What is the involvement of employers now and going forward? Accreditation – it’s a joint award.

5.      How to find out more and work with PU on DA and other opportunities.


  • Dr Hilary Duckett – Senior Lecturer, Associate Dean Employability
  • Dr Lise Hunter – Lecturer and programme Lead, CMDA
  • Dr Catherine Hine – Lecturer and Lead Hospitality and Tourism
  • Sharon Hooper – Registrar, Faculty of Business

Seminar Presented by Tribal Education


Session Title

We need to talk about Quality: using data to drive and evidence quality for Ofsted inspections

Session Overview

Learner data – you collect it anyway and it’s one of your best assets. Using real examples from Ofsted inspection reports, this session will cover;


  • Best practice in using the data to improve quality and outcomes for your learners
  • How Ofsted use data for inspection and how to prepare and manage that data
  • Evidencing your self-assessment judgements – if you can’t prove it, how do you know it’s true?
  • The apprenticeship levy – why data evidenced quality is more important now than ever before


Carla Martinho, Head of Data Management Services, Tribal


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